Five Foodstuffs in Your Home That Can Be Medicines

Hello dear blogger friend! Welcome back to BEGITULAH.NET. This time I will share information about some food items in your home that turned out to be medicine.

Foods that are around you, or may always be in the fridge of your home, apparently have many benefits for your health. The following are the secrets of the five ingredients that can be drugs that you should know about.

Five Foodstuffs in Your Home That Can Be Medicines

1. Vinegar

In some cases, vinegar is known to be used as a medicine to cure minor burns. Simply apply vinegar to the burn, repeat until healed.

2. Tea bag

Caffeine in tea can reduce pain and inflammation. If you wake up with swollen eyes, you can compress it with a tea bag.

3.Olive oil

If your skin is cracked, you can overcome it by applying olive oil to cracked skin. The high content of vitamin E in olive oil is very good for the health of your skin.

4. Papaya

If you experience constipation, eat papaya. The papain enzyme in papaya is good for your digestive health, and helps you to reduce constipation.

5. Cherry

Cherries can help you reduce pain due to gout. The anti-inflammatory properties of cherries can reduce pain.

That's the five ingredients that you can make medicine. These five ingredients do have a double benefit for you. In addition to regular consumption, it turns out it can also be used as medicine and first aid. But remember, you should still consult your doctor about your illness. May be useful.

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