How to cancel an Adsense account that does not have a Cancel button

BEGITULAH.NET - Hello, how are you blogger friends? I hope you always healthy? This time I will share an interesting tutorial on how to cancel an adsense account without the select cancel account button on the adsense account page. Maybe there have been many who gave the same tutorial about this problem, but of course there is no harm in also sharing it, which we hope can help you.

By the way, before getting into the main topic, I want to explain why the adsens account really wants to be canceled

For some bloggers it's clear, it's because they have 2 or more adsense accounts. In addition there are also those who want to receive payment (get money from adsense) before the balance reaches $ 100.

Okay, no need to beat around the bush, I'll share how to cancel an Adsense account that doesn't have a Cancel button.

First, please open this link:

If you have entered, fill in the form provided, and don't forget to check the box with the text beside it like "By checking this this box and clicking submit, I understand that I am closing my AdSense account." If it is, click submit, and then wait a few days. If successful, you will get a notification that your account has been successfully canceled.

Thus a short tutorial on how to cancel an Adsense account that does not have a Cancel button. Hopefully what we share is useful for you !!

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